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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Congressman Joe Sestak Visits Havertown Center!

Congressman Joe Stestak with Havertown Center Member Bill Boyle.

Monday, March 16, Congressman Joe Sestak stopped by to chat with Havertown Center members during lunch. Serving his second term as the Representative from Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District, Sestak spoke in detail about funding the curent financial crunch we all feel. Senior center members shared their concerns and asked great questions and Sestak responded with thoughtful and informative answers.
Congressman Sestak also met with Mid County Senior Services' (MCSS) Executive Director, Lesa Sulimay and heard some of her funding concerns for MCSS's other senior center in Media, Hometown Center, the Chore Connection Program, and caregiver services.
Here are some facts provided by the Pennsylvania Association of Senior Centers (PASC):
  • 15.3% of PA’s population is 65+ ranking the State 3rd, behind only Florida and West Virginia, in the number of older adult residents (2000 US Census).
  • People are living and working longer. In 2011, only 2 years from now, the older “Boomers” turn 65 and on average can be expected to live to age 83 or beyond.
  • Senior centers contribute to cost savings in long term living and health care by promoting healthy lifestyles, providing access to social services and combating isolation through keeping older adults actively engaged in their communities.
  • Pennsylvania provides base support for senior center programs, but not for the full operating expenses, new initiatives or capital expenses.
  • Collaborations, grants and fundraising activities alone are unable to support the growing need for community-based older adult programs and services.

Thanks, Congressman Sestak, for listening to the concerns of older adults!

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